Digitory Content Production

Digitory Content Production

IT, telecommunications, banks, fintech, accelerators, the medical and pharmaceutical industries, retail, state institutions,IT, telecommunications, banks, fintech, accelerators, the medical and pharmaceutical industries, retail, state institutions,

Our advantages

We create and distribute content
that helps you to
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    your product both now and down the line

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    solid relations with clients and partners

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    and retain talent

Why Digitory Content Production?

People love our content, which is why search engines, media, social networks and Wikipedia rate it so highly

About us

Коллаж из черно-белой фотографии мужчины и женщины, на которую «наложены» разноцветные элементы одежды

The core of the team is a group of journalists, editors and designers with previous experience of working for web and print media such as Kommersant, BBC Online and The Moscow Times, as well as TV.

We produce a constant flow of quality content on demand.


  • In this project for the leading antivirus provider Kaspersky we took on the role of storyteller. We tried to ensure that all the information the company shared with us came across as openly as possible and was of use to readers. In Russian and English.


  • This video was made to mark the anniversary of one of the divisions of Russia’s Alfa Bank. We crammed 10 years of work and several hours’ worth of staff reminiscences into 16 minutes - no simple task, given the tight deadlines and the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • We help to enrich the content of this online publication for employees of Kaspersky. Each issue is read by several thousand people all over the world every week. In Russian and English.

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  • Digitory performs 20 different types of work for 10 industries. In just one hour we can prepare a presentation for you featuring our best use cases.

    What would you like to see in it? Write to us at pro@digitory.pro

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Big-name clients currently on board

We speak – and write in – 12 languages

Our team includes journalists from the UK and the U.S., as well as native speakers from 12 different countries who have publications for various media to their name (BBC, The Moscow Times, RBTH).

Kseniya, translator

Emphasis on empathy

We are very sensitive to critical requirements and tight deadlines, and have a keen eye for detail. We are passionate about launching challenging projects and opening up new areas.

Olga, co-founder and editor-in-chief

We are on call 24/7

We respond to every email within five minutes, and are always available via telephone, WhatsApp, and Telegram. We finish projects on time and will never let you down. If the job calls for it, we even work at weekends.

Roman, director and founder

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There are 64 players on our team

  • Analysts
  • Designers
  • Translators
  • Layout designers
  • Editors
  • Programmers
  • PR specialists
  • Experts in marketing
  • Photographers
  • Video producers
  • Journalists

But we can always do with a hand. Does this sound like you?

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